From California homeowners looking for flakes for their garage flooring to property managers in need of a durable flooring solution, everyone stands to benefit from concrete coating services. Since 1982, Steve Holloway Painting has proudly served as your trusted interior and exterior painting pros, but our company also specializes in concrete flooring applications. As an authorized dealer of Penntek™ products, our floor coating contractors are able to provide quality outcomes for your California home or business. We’re trained in providing a wide range of concrete finishes to help Bakersfield clients of all types and sizes.

Our dynamic floor systems ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your project. Today, our blog post will highlight a few benefits of our residential and commercial floor coating services.

Unsurpassed Strength

Floor coatings, such as epoxy flooring products, are engineered to provide uneatable strengths to enhance the existing strength of your concrete floors. Floor coating systems provide a layer of protection that bonds at the chemical level, delivering unbeatable cohesion. The result is rigid surfaces that can resist heavy wear and tear. From homes in need of garage floor paint for weekend projects to warehouses utilizing heavy forklifts, applications such as polyurea coatings can help to prevent all manners of scratches. This benefit is key in establishing the full cost efficiency of your new concrete floor coatings, as these protective sealants help to keep your concrete looking beautiful, for longer.

Incredible Durability

The ability to withstand abrasions, scratches, cracks, moisture, and chemical stains result in one benefit — extended lifespans. Our floor coating specialists are proud to back up Penntek’s quality products with a 15-year warranty. The result for you is long-lasting enjoyment and peace of mind. Be sure to contact Steve Holloway Painting to learn more and to receive your no-obligation quote!

Minimal Maintenance

Concrete flooring is, by nature, a porous surface. This creates more opportunities for moisture and other substances to infiltrate, damaging your durable slab. By sealing your surface with an epoxy coating, you can seal these spots to create a uniform outcome. Homeowners and property managers alike can benefit from the smooth, simple cleaning operations associated with concrete floor coating care. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to lift stains and burns, go instead with one of the premium concrete paints offered by our team!

Amazing Aesthetics

Regular maintenance is done to make your floors look great, so why not invest in a beautiful floor coat that enhances the luxury of your space in addition to protecting the surfaces? Our concrete flooring solutions from Penntek ensure that you have the design options needed for a beautiful outcome. Choose from different finishes, patterns, and textures to truly enhance the aesthetics of your high-quality flooring.

Safe Results

Modern concrete flooring products are now tailored to provide anti-slip features for surfaces in need of additional traction. This can prove ideal for polished concrete flooring, swimming pool decks, and more. Facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, and restaurants can all benefit from the safe benefits of our professional concrete floor coating services.

Steve Holloway Painting is here to deliver more than complete painting services; we provide top-notch concrete finishes to our Bakersfield customers, delivering peace of mind every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more and to receive your free project quote!