The concrete flooring in your California home likely provides superior support with little complaint. In many situations, these surfaces serve a dull, listless life of mediocrity and abuse until it is time for replacement. If you have noticed that you spend considerable time caring for your concrete surfaces, now may be the perfect time to invest in a protective floor system!

Steve Holloway Painting is proud to be your trusted local painting contractors, but our team can deliver the best concrete finishes to Bakersfield and beyond as well. We work hard to deliver the best concrete floor coatings for your property, ranging from simple concrete paints for beauty and protection to the complete protection offered by our epoxy flooring services.

In many cases, our customers cite high levels of satisfaction with their concrete flooring after sealcoating services were performed. Today, we’ll highlight a few culprits that commonly damage concrete floors, as well as protection delivered by our team.

Chips, Pits, and Gouges

While your concrete floors are made to be tough, they are not invincible against gaps, chips, and a variety of other damages resulting from impacts. Garage floors, for example, are made to be tough, but years of dropped items and other impactful actions can create unsightly gaps. Instead of leaving your floors to ravages of use and time, why not invest in concrete coating services? Our epoxy flooring application will help to protect and bind your floors, creating a stronger surface that is better able to withstand impacts.


Surface cracks are among the most common damages to homes with concrete floors. Temperature changes and subgrade conditions can both affect the stability and integrity of your slab. If temperatures drop below freezing this winter, your concrete flooring can begin to expand and contract, creating unsightly cracks on the surface that, in most cases, is minor and can be sealed for future performance.

Grease and Oil

Petroleum products are known to be harmful to concrete flooring applications, and unfortunately for many California homeowners, this surface is most likely to encounter oil stains in the garage. If you have a daily commuter (or restoration project) in your garage that leaks oil, long-term deterioration can begin to appear. Many residents put buckets and drip pans in place to minimize these concerns while others often leave their vehicle out in the elements to avoid oiling their floors. Our epoxy flooring from Penntek™ can deliver the perfect level of protection for your home, so be sure to call our paint company for assistance!

Chemical Stains

Similarly to oil issues, homeowners often find to their dismay that a chemical spill has damaged the tough exterior of their concrete floors. Chemicals often work to break down stains and grime, impacting unfinished binding agents and aggregates in the process. It pays to protect your floors from these costly damages, so be sure to look for quality concrete coatings!

Regardless of the minor damages done to your floor, Steve Holloway Painting can deliver an ideal concrete floor coating for your California home. We have the experience and equipment needed to provide the best outcome for every floor system, so be sure to call today for your project quote!