As we head into the new year, many California homeowners are setting their sights on renovating their property to create a dynamic new look that is sure to impress the neighbors as well as interested buyers. Whether you’re hoping to sell your Kern County property, or your place is simply in need of a facelift, it can pay to call our painters in Bakersfield for assistance! Steve Holloway Painting has proudly served as your trusted painting contractors since 1982, and our experienced team is here and ready to pave the way into the future with trend-setting designs and styles.

We’re excited about the new year, and our house painters are here to help homeowners find the perfect outcome to refresh their properties. No matter your design plans for 2019, Steve Holloway Painting is ready to help homes and businesses across Bakersfield benefit from expert finishes that are sure to make a dramatic impact on any design plans.

Today, we’ll briefly highlight a few of the top trends as we enter the new year for both interior and exterior paints, as well as garage floor coatings. If you’re ready to achieve the perfect look for your place, be sure to contact our Top Rated Local® painting company today for the best services!

Dynamic Interior Paints

As we strive further and further into the future with advanced technology and continual connection with the surrounding world, many individuals are looking to center themselves and reconnect with nature. Earthy, calming hues and tones will be among the most popular choices of 2019, as the restorative power of nature helps Californians to relax and unwind. Dark green is one color choice that can infuse nature into your home without the need for dramatic changes. Balanced with lighter hues, green can create a balanced, peaceful retreat.

Natural colors come in a wide variety of choices, making it easy for families to mix and match to find the perfect balance for their home’s interior. Our professional painters are here to provide you with a full spectrum of options, each applied to perfection for a long-lasting shine. You can select from soft grays and subtle browns, introduce calming blues, or you can mix and match to create a space that truly reflects the value of connecting to nature. When our painting contractors are finished, you can incorporate a range of plants and other natural elements to turn your home or business into an oasis!

Beautiful Exterior Paints

In order to garner the most curb appeal, many California homeowners are looking for ways to create a dramatic impact with their exterior paints. Steve Holloway Painting specializes in delivering high-quality outcomes for homes of all shapes and sizes. We’re ready to help you achieve the perfect look to complement your home’s unique style, including the exterior lighting elements and landscaping.

This year, we’ve narrowed the ongoing trends down to two distinct choices:

  1. Dark colors that bring the drama — While relying on darker hues to bring a rich quality to the home’s exterior is nothing new, 2019 will likely see more homes being covered with dark grays, blues, and certain greens. If you decide to go this route, you will be faced with the fun challenge of finding the right accent colors to create a dramatic statement. Matching bright light fixtures and dynamic landscape elements can add further intrigue to the finish. This approach is versatile enough for a variety of homes, and can be deployed across California to deliver timeless, contemporary results that you’re sure to love.
  2. White and light colors to refresh the property — If dark colors don’t suit your property, that’s okay. 2019 will also see homeowners relying on clean, crisp exterior paint that captures the craze of the farmhouse appearance. Homeowners hoping to still add some depth and drama can rely on cool undertones with their secondary color, in order to provide a clear picture of just what the house is all about. We recommend trying hues with a lower light reflective value for subtle finishes that are sure to impress your guests.

High-Quality Concrete Finishes

When it comes to garage floor coatings, homeowners have a variety of finishes to choose from. Our epoxy flooring pros specialize in delivering beautiful, long-lasting results, and we’ll be happy to find you a lasting outcome. In 2019, we’ve narrowed our list down to three options that will be in demand throughout the new year:

  • Solid-color finishes — Regardless of the interior and exterior finishes on your home, our concrete floor coating specialists can provide a unique shine for your garage with a variety of colors. Choose charcoal for a subtle finish, or go for a bright cream color to mix it up.
  • Metallic finishes — By infusing a metal pigment into an epoxy flooring mix, our contractors can create a beautiful customized pattern that shines and sparkles while creating a look of luxury.
  • Epoxy flakes — Simple, affordable, and effective, epoxy flake floor systems rely on small flakes to add depth and texture to your concrete floors. Many garages across California rely on this finish, and our team is here and ready to do the same for your property!

Regardless of your plans or intended designs, our professional painters in Bakersfield are here and ready to lend a hand. If you are ready to get started on your project in the new year, we’ll be happy to offer our advice and expertise. Contact us today to learn more about the Steve Holloway difference, and be sure to ask for a free estimate for your home!