“We set the Bar.“ – Steve Holloway

Steve Holloway Painter’s Responsibilities

  • We will remove fixtures and hardware and put them in a safe place.
  • We mask off windows, flooring, furniture and counter tops.
  • We move furniture, remove and re-install mini blinds and repair imperfections on all surfaces.
  • We clean under refrigerators, washers, and dryers and stoves if we move them to paint.
  • We man our jobs from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily. Unless otherwise scheduled.
  • We clean up daily and we will run a vacuum or damp mop surfaces as needed.

Customer/Client Responsibilities

  • Remove pictures and put away breakable items.
  • Draperies: Have the cleaners remove, clean, and re-install. (If Needed).
  • Computers and Electrical: Please let us know what we can or cannot unplug.
  • Let us know about pets, special requests and any concerns as they come up.

Exterior & Interior

All surfaces that are to be painted are prepared perfectly.

  • We offer pressure washing on buildings and walkways. We move items away from the buildings and put them back when the job is done. Hot or cold water.


We sand, scrape and make sure that the loose paint is removed. Joints are repaired with 35 year acrylic-silicone caulking. We spot prime raw areas with universal primer or we prime the surface completely (100%) if needed. It depends on the condition of the surface.


  • We repair imperfections, cracks and we match the existing texture.
  • We trench the base of the home where it meets dirt and apply elastomeric coatings to the base of the home to water proof the surface.


  • We clean, sand, prime or re-oil with tung oil before the finishes are applied.
  • We check the top and bottom of each door to make sure they are sealed properly.

Roof Metal or Ductwork:

  • We etch, rinse, prime and apply finish coats of material.

Wrought Iron:

  • We clean rust and apply a rust inhibitor before we apply finish coats.
  • We apply a complete prime coat if there is a color change.

Brick and Concrete:

  • We clean and apply a clear water resistant product.

Acoustic Ceilings:

  • We spray 2 coats of material and water stains are sealed.
  • Acoustic can be removed. Smooth finish can be applied.


  • (New) Stain, seal, sand and apply finish coats/ 5 coat system
  • (Refurbish) Sand, clean, oil and re-varnish.
  • (Remove finish), sand, oil, seal and apply 2 finish coats.
  • Finishes: Lacquer, spar varnish, polyurethane or enamels. (Spray, brush or roll).


  • (Restore) Repair and restore all wood furniture

Smooth Plaster:

We repair cracks and imperfections, clean, sand and apply a minimum of 2 coats.

  • Finishes: Applications Spray, brush and roller equipment is used.
  • -New surfaces/ 1 Prime coat and 2 finish coats.
  • -Existing surfaces (Repaints) 2 coats of finish.

Wallpaper Removal:

  • We remove wallpaper and repair Imperfections.

Steve Holloway Painting – Ownership Commitment

Having spent over 35 years locally in the painting business, I have discovered and use only the best quality products that are designed and produced to last.

“The Industry Standard”; Their only obligation is to provide only the very minimum of what may be required to get the job done.

My employees and I, pride ourselves in delivering complete customer satisfaction by setting our own “Service Standards of Excellence”.

My employees are solid individuals and are skilled as experienced painters. We are fully covered with liability and worker’s compensation insurance. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.– Steve Holloway