Thank You!!

Dear Mr. Holloway,


Just a few words to sincerely thank you for the very nice job you and your staff did on my house. It looks so beautiful now!

I want to thank you not only for the painting itself but mostly for the personal interest you offer in listening to your customers, doing your utmost to please them and seeing that everything is done in the best possible way.

I’m also very grateful to Jill, who always answered my calls very cordially (“a human voice” – no cold, stubborn machine!)

And if all this wasn’t enough to show the highest level of professionalism of your company, I’m also awfully thankful for Darren and Mario who worked tirelessly every single day in this horrible summer heat. They well all out to do what was agreed on and even more.

As a citizen of this era when nothing seems to be done right, when machines and money have become more important than human beings, I profoundly believe in the power of recognition – reward deserved not with a financial aim, but rather with a moral one.

Just two simple words to all of you: THANK YOU!



S. Macgaul

S. Macgaul